PURE21: What comes next?

Your 21 days on the plan may be over, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying to make healthier, cleaner food choices. Remember, PURE21 is meant to be a jumpstart, a spring board to better health. So, this healthier, more structured, cleanier way of life is not over. Maintenance is required. The team here at Power Blendz Nutrition constructed PURE21 not to just get great results fast, but also to allow you to learn more about proper fitness and nutrition for lifetime maintenance.

Here are some things we hope you take away:

1. You should Eat Less Crap!

What did you learn about your yourself? Did you feel better eliminating dairy, sugar, and refined grains? Were you less bloated? Did you retain less water? Did you feel that your digestive system functioned more efficiently eating clean, non-processed foods? Maybe you had less inflammation in your joints, or your skin was more vibrant? You could have even identified that you have an aversion or food allergy you never knew about. Heart burn and indigestion aren’t the norm…it’s the crap you’ve been eating. Now you know, this doesn’t have to be. It’s not normal. Our bodies are made to be most productive and efficient when eating real, whole, non-processed foods.

2. Poor Foods, Snacks and Beverages....sneak in your mouth!

Notice how often you were avoiding bad choices—toppings, dips, sauces, bread before dinner, creamer in your coffee, alcohol with meals. You had to make a conscious effort NOT to do those things. Did it seem like you were constantly having to make alternative choices? This is an indicator that you were making poor choices TOO often. Much more often than you realized. You may have thought you ate pretty well, until you began following the PURE21 plan. Once you began making the correct choices more consistently, the old poor choices became easier to avoid. That’s the goal. The good choices become habits and the poor choices aren’t such big temptations anymore.

3. Eating Frequently and Drinking Tons of Water is Critical.

Did your body get in a rhythm with the frequency of the meals? Did you find you were hungry every couple of hours when it was mealtime? Did you notice your metabolism speeding up? Did you notice the difference the additional water you consumed made in your skin elasticity, appearance, and clarity? You should have retained much less water and maybe muscle striations were more noticeable and you looked leaner? Meal frequency and proper hydration is the secret. This is how your well-oiled machine should work!

Don’t stop the meal prep. Keep buying the same foods, prepping your small, clean meals and having them available. Think of this as “delicious monotony”. Use seasonings, but keep on target using the same foods you already know you like and eat well. They are predictable and reliable. You already know they work and keep you on track. Food prep is easier when you know what to buy, how to cook it, and exactly how to portion it out.

***Continue Week Three FOREVER***

4. Proper Supplementation Can Help you reach your goal.

The Digestive Nzymes, Advanced Probiotics, Pro-Whey, and Vitaplex are foundational basics that Power Blendz Nutrition recommends for EVERYONE to assist with daily health.

Do you stop changing the oil in your car? Or stop using soap in your dishwasher?

No. So, keep your digestive tract healthy and your metabolism cranking by maintaining a smart supplement strategy.

Call 1-866-455-0024 or email info@powerblendz.com for more information.

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