You Need to Cleanse! Here's why.

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

When we get an unhealthy buildup of toxins in our body, it’s messy. These excess toxins will cause physical and mental health issues like chronic fatigue, headaches, insomnia and diseases. Many of these toxins come from things you use or consume everyday like food, water, beauty and personal care products and the environment.

Since our body organs work together to help eliminate these trapped toxins, it’s important that they’re all healthy and in working order. The liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, skin and lymphatic system are especially useful and important when it comes to cleansing the body. The #1 contributor for harsh toxins in our body, is the food we eat.

Pure Start is Power Blendz seven probiotic strains, created to keep the digestive system in balancing and flushing out all harmful toxins. Its basically pressing the reset button on your immune system. Pure Start is a combination of psyllium husk, flaxseed and herbs that naturally cleanse and detoxify your body.

Here are some of the many benefits you’ll find with taking Pure Start:

Build Long-Term Health

A well-organized cleanse should create daily habits that we will want to continue after we finish. Over time, these habits are our foundation for vibrant living and prevention from disease. During Pure 21, Power Blendz 21-day diet and exercise program, we build healthy habits that can dramatically transform our health in the long term. Armed with these habits, we have the means to create a powerful long-term health plan fit for our lifestyle.

Weight Loss

A cleanse can help us start to shed unwanted pounds by aiding our detox pathways. An increasing amount of chemicals we are exposed to are lipophilic, which means they dissolve only in fat. When they enter our bloodstream, our body retains and even generates fat and mucous to surround the potentially damaging molecules. Over time, fat and mucous may cause us to gain weight or make it challenging to lose.