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irc fajkows1_: yeah it's a gui for ipv6 /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER arielsanflo osnxrkfvcdol sorry acicula: i understand that we have to edit xorg.conf for that. but what do we need to do when there is a single monitor? acicula: allright, thanks :) spupuser1: you need to setup xorg.conf so that one single display gets the right resolution, and that all resolutions can be displayed, with all monitor settings available (refresh rate etc) acicula: so it doesn't just automagically pick one monitor and make it the primary? spupuser1: so if you want to use a nvidia card, that requires the proprietary driver, and you need to manually set the resolution and that it can cover all available modes spupuser1: correct, it will always try to find the first available mode to get started, just edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf to setup a correct modeline with the available modes for your monitor. spupuser1: the tutorial i gave you earlier will tell you how to setup your modeline for a 1024x768 resolution acicula: thank you. spupuser1: and if you want to get the entire screen, you need to add the higher resolution to the list. if you want to get the second monitor to just do one thing, you need to set it to primary acicula: i was hoping that if i did that, it would just set the resolution to maximum, and then it would start to see what the second monitor could do... acicula: IT WORKS spupuser1: no, you need to add a Mode line that covers all your available resolutions for the monitor I am in grave doubt that I am doing something wrong with this 2 monitors !yay




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Via M3364 Windows 7 Driver Download annfie

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