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Soccer Specific Performance Training/Speed & Precision Training 


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SenseBall training will improve overall soccer skills and help the athlete in being more comfortable two-footed. My training will increase your speed, reaction time, explosiveness, and coordination. SenseBall training also improves performance skills for any types of sports where high-speed and precision of leg movements are essential (basketball, tennis, lacrosse)


Soccer Athletes 5-20 years old looking to improve in all aspects of the game


Any Athlete looking to improve leg precision and quickness

About Me

I have over 30 years of experience as a Player, Coach and FIFA Scout. My passion for soccer has given me the opportunity to travel to 24 countries to play at all levels of professional soccer.

I love sharing my knowledge and expertise with others who love the game and are interested in going to the next level. Training with me will give you the quickness to get ahead on the field, while preparing you mentally to be self-driven and smart.

Professional Highlights:

     -  Professional MLS player for Chicago Fire

     -  Ivorian National u16 team

     -  Jeunesse Sportive Kairouan in Tunisia

     -  Al Jazeera FC in Dubai

     -  Sabah FC in Malaysia


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7227 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236

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