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The training programs at Ignition are based on

results-oriented, proven methodologies to improve an

athlete’s speed, strength, and overall athleticism. Our

unique approach to training the whole athlete: Mind, Body,

and Spirit have been proven to take athletes to the next level

in their careers. Select the training program right for you: individual

or organizational, and call us to learn more about how we can customize your experience in a way that will help you achieve

your goals.

Call 513-247-9501 or email at for more information, dates, and times!




ADT specifically focuses on developing athletic foundations in the areas of speed, agility, quickness, and power. It is centered on learning proper mechanics and increasing the athlete’s capacity to meet the demands of their sport. Training is customized towards the need of the athlete, the sport he or she plays, and even as defined as their position in that sport.

Pre/post data is captured each training block to set a standard for the athlete and track improvement throughout the program.


TOTAL ELITE (Grades 9-12)

Total Elite training is for High School athletes who have already developed most functional movement patterns and/or have excelled through the Ignition ADT program. Training focuses on speed, agility, quickness, power, core, and flexibility in a progressed program based on advanced athleticism and larger work capacity.

Pre/post test data is captured each training block to set a standard for the athlete and to track improvement throughout the program. Every athlete must have completed an ADT training block or passed a pre-test evaluation for the Total Elite program.


The 4.2 Performance training program is designed to serve the highest level of high school athletes as they prepare to play at the collegiate level. Using the same training program as our professional athletes, the 4.2 program uses a specific blend of Speed, Agility, Power, and Strength training to maximize the potential of each athlete and prepares them to compete at the highest level as soon as they step on campus. This program is specifically for high school seniors who have signed a letter of intent to play on a collegiate level.

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