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From the very beginning, we'll make sure that your actions outside of the gym don't erase all the hard work you put in the gym. As our Founder, Jim Riggs, says, "Fitness is a game. You have to go by the rules or you aren't really playing." From recommended supplement regimens to regular nutrition coaching, we'll teach you the best strategies to win your health and fitness goals.  


Each new member is encouraged to attend Jim's monthly "Not Optional" talk. Interested in learning more? Reach out for more information.



Over the years, we’ve been led to believe that cardio is a “necessary evil”. But we at Power 3 know that cardio can (and should) be fun.


Just like strength training, your cardio plan will be personalized to your current fitness level and future goals with conditioning ranging from group fitness classes to in-home heart rate training. You’re sure to see an improvement in your heart health, metabolism and stress levels.


We offer a range of classes to keep your mind focused and your muscles second-guessing. Check out our schedule to find out which class and instructor is right for you.



We’re data-driven and results-obsessed. Bring us a tangible goal and we’ll help you work smarter to get there faster.   


At Power 3 Fitness Coaching, we create individualized training programs for each client, based on your goals and unique results from our FitGrade Assessment™. Whether you meet with us regularly in-person or work independently on our program, you’re sure to see results.

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