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The third, and arguably most important piece of our Power 3 Philosophy, is proper nutrition.

From the very beginning, we'll make sure that your actions outside of the gym don't erase all the hard work you put in the gym. As our Founder, Jim Riggs, says, "Fitness is a game. You have to go by the rules or you aren't really playing." From recommended supplement regimens to regular nutrition coaching, we'll teach you the best strategies to win your health and fitness goals.  


Each new member is encouraged to attend Jim's monthly "Not Optional" talk. Interested in learning more? Reach out for more information.

“I always ate whatever I wanted, believing I could just work off my bad diet. But, it all caught up with me. It wasn't until I finally started listening to my coach's nutrition recommendations that I saw any progress. Thank you, Julie.”

– Alyssa D. 

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