Achieve Peak Performance

Aaron Slusher


  • Working hard but unable to make the varsity athletic team?


  • Wanting to stand out from the other high school recruits so you can play collegiate



  • Are you a coveak potential?


The 11 week Fall Performance Program is designed to improve first step quickness,

breakaway speed, change of direction, power and strength, and mobility and

flexibility. The program is perfect for athletes seeking to challenge themselves and

achieve great success during and after the athletic season.


11-week programs:
Group 1 – Tues/Thurs @ 3:30
Group 2 – Tues/Thurs @ 4:30
Group 3 – Tues/Thurs @ 5:30
Group 4 – Wed/Fri @ 4

Group 5 – Wed/Fri @ 5

The 11-week sports performance program is offered 2 days a week. Each

session is limited to 4 athletes to ensure an athlete centered approach. To prevent any

conflicts the athlete will pick their group based upon their preferred day and time

during registration.

Consistency is key to ensure long term athletic development. We will be offering make-up missed sessions during that week on Saturday @ 11 AM.


Power 3 Fitness Coaching

7227 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH  45236


$510 per athlete

24 sessions = 2 sessions a week for 11 weeks 

About Aaron

Aaron Slusher, owner of Achieve Peak Performance is a dynamic Performance and Nutrition Coach with 21 years of experience, helping his clients achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle. Aaron offers a variety of services to ensure each client can achieve their goals based on their unique journey.

Aaron’s coaching philosophy is to guide his clients to meet their fitness and nutrition goals,
maintain a positive self-image and have sustainable results. Aaron does not believe in a quick fix or a one size fits all approach. He believes in listening to his clients’ goals, challenges, and concerns to create a unique program for each client and help them achieve a healthy lifestyle. Aaron motivates his clients to be the best version of themselves during their journey and transformation.

Aaron is a lifelong student and is always working on honing his craft. He currently trains in various martials arts at Vision MMA, where he is the team’s performance & amp; nutrition coach.


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