Healthy Coffee Hacks

1. Add Cinnamon

If you can’t get around to craving a black coffee, consider adding a dash of cinnamon into your drink. A teaspoon of cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels and help fight inflammation. Not only does it taste great with your coffee, but it’s a healthy way to start your day!

2. Sugar Free Sweeteners

Turn your favorite latte skinny! Replace the regular syrup with a sugar free one. The difference in taste is so slight, and it does wonders for your health. Switching to a skinny latte can give you back 35 grams of sugar that your body would have consumed with your previous choice. Since the World Health Organization recommends adults eat 25 grams of sugar daily, this does your body a huge favor.

3. Coconut Milk

If you like your coffee creamy, try adding canned coconut milk. Unlike other dairy-free options, like soy milk, coconut milk is high in fat which prevents your coffee from curdling. Since it is high in fat, a little goes a long way.

4. Skip the Whip

Its tough to say goodbye to that creamy goodness, but it’s a must if you want to enjoy your drink guilt-free. Whipped cream easily adds 50-100 calories onto your drink. By eliminating this, you instantly make your drink much healthier.

5. Add Protein Powder

Choose your favorite flavor and type (whey, collagen, egg, soy…) and make your coffee creamier and healthier all in one.

6. Add Cocoa

If you love hot chocolate, you need to try this coffee hack. Cocoa can lower your risk of heart disease and cancer. However, a small teaspoon is more than enough since its high in sugar! Try adding organic, unsweetened cocoa for the best alternative.

7. A Bit of Butter

Don’t knock it till you try it! Adding grass-fed butter to black coffee gives you the omega-3s your body needs to thrive. It also keeps you fuller longer and give you a more sustained energy high. If you don’t consume dairy in your diet, try substituting ghee for butter. It’s a lactose-free "butter" with the same nutrients, just minus the dairy.

Want more food hacks?

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