The Science of Probiotics

Updated: May 7, 2019

People often ask why I stress the importance of supplementing with a large variety of probiotic strains. It's actually quite simple – different strains of beneficial bacteria target different parts of your digestive system. I healthy gut makes for a happy digestive system...which means belly comfort! Allowing your food to be used for your body's nourishment is the goal. If your gut has what it needs to breakdown the foods you eat, then the nutrients produced can help you stay healthier and stronger. The more strains contained in your probiotic supplement, the more of your system that gets to experience their benefits. I have found that 15 unique strains is an optimal number for complete coverage.

Probiotics are found in foods, but a simple supplement is a quick and easy was to guarantee you are getting exactly what you need.

Next step: Start Supplementing

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