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About Danielle

Danielle’s enthusiasm for training started from a young age that she still brings to every personal training client and group fitness class. Her experience training age groups as young as 13 to 91 years old has given her a wide perspective to properly serve all of her clients successfully.

Danielle Alexander has been doing group fitness classes and personal training her clients for the last 6 years in Cincinnati. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, a Kinesiology Major, and has her Nutrition Specialist Certification. She believes that mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health go hand in hand and thrives off of being able to help others become the best version of themselves physical so they can grow in other areas as well!


Your first class with Danielle is FREE! Download the MindBody app and search "Redemptive Fitness" to try for your first class.

Group Fitness with Danielle Alexander


 These classes will teach you how to lift properly using dumbbells, barbells and strength machines. The pure strength classes will tone your entire body by building muscle and shedding fat. There will be no jumping or cardio based moves here. Weekend classes are 60 minutes.


These classes combine both strength training and cardio into a HIIT training class. It’s a much faster pace with both weights and cardio equipment being used to keep your heart pumping and your muscles burning. 45 minutes of heart racing fun! Weekend classes are 60 minutes.

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