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with Mark Carpenter 

What is it?
"STILL GOT IT" is an exercise class that Works With What We Can Do; And Works Towards What We Will Do.
Must have at least 70 years of life experience to join. 

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Power 3 Fitness Coaching
7227 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236

Tuesdays at 11:30 AM


"STILL GOT IT" is a fitness class exclusively for clients that are 70 years and older. We will embrace where we are as we work towards new goals. Physical limitations are not a problem as we will modify exercises when needed. Step out of your comfort zone and into a class of your peers where we will stretch, lift, balance, and walk our way towards improving our health.  

"STILL GOT IT" is about getting better together. 


Our class is built around these three truths:

1. You are capable of great accomplishments regardless of age


2. You are an important part of our community.


3. You play an essential role in lifting up others. 

Must have 70 years of life experience to join!


12 sessions for $240

How do I get started?

Email Mark here! 

About Mark

For 25 years Mark has been using his personal workouts to develop/evolve his training logic.  He has been through numerous certifications; but the majority of his knowledge comes from real world experience. Mark has a very emotional approach to fitness.  All sessions are designed to improve your physical health and performance. Some days will feel gentle, while others will be focused on conquering goals that seem scary.  Mark will help you understand the "HOW" AND "WHY" as you explore diverse training styles. He will be honest with you and not pretend that trainers always eat healthy; but share the same struggles and fears as clients.

Mark is a national level strongman competitor, and has set numerous records in his sport.  Mark is continuously pursuing knowledge to be able to better serve his purpose. His ability to meet people where they are allows him to relate to a wide range of clients.  He has trained absolute beginners, mentally challenged children, elderly population with physical limitations, and professional athletes among many others.  Mark has made this one of his life missions, and has a passion that needs to be experienced. 

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